Global Acquirer Trends Report, H1 2017 - City A.M. highlight latest Arrowpoint Advisory international research

City A.M. have highlighted the latest international research from Arrowpoint Advisory, which showed that the UK remains the top location in Europe for mergers and acquisitions. For its Global Acquirer Trends report, Arrowpoint Advisory examined all inbound deals across the UK & Ireland, the Nordics, the Iberian Peninsula, Indochina and North America.

The results for the UK & Ireland were particularly striking, where 780 deals took place, of which half were from foreign buyers. Of this number, a growing proportion originated from Europe, whilst 41% still came from the USA.

Read more on Arrowpoint Advisory's Global Acquirer Trends research, comments on the current trends of M&A market activity and notable transaction examples, in City AM.

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