Special Situations M&A and Restructuring Advisory

Handling accelerated M&A, refinancing, corporate insolvency and debt restructuring demands expertise and a precise approach.

Arrowpoint Advisory is well-equipped to guide you through these processes, ensuring swift and confident decision-making.

Bespoke Special Situations M&A and Corporate Restructuring services

With a focus on mid-market entities, our thoughts are always on creative, collaborative solutions tailored to each unique situation. Here are the key areas where you can leverage Arrowpoint Advisory's skills:

In-depth performance review and options analysis
Conducting thorough reviews and challenges of management plans to determine the most viable option based on your current performance and situation.

Comprehensive transformation strategies
Collaborating to develop defensible profit improvement and transformation plans, crucial for underpinning the next steps in your journey.

Robust refinancing solutions
Offering a range of refinancing options, from asset-based lending to equity solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

Accelerated M&A processes
Managing challenging M&A scenarios, including accelerated sale processes, to maximise value preservation.

Streamline disposals and carve-outs
Facilitating disposals of non-core activities, ensuring a smooth transition while preserving the integrity of existing operations.

Balanced financial restructuring
Advising on right-sizing the balance sheet, a crucial step towards restoring and maintaining financial health.

The Arrowpoint Advisory advantage in Special Situations M&A and Corporate Restructuring

In the complex world of strategic restructuring and special situations M&A, Arrowpoint Advisory stands out with its bespoke approach for mid-market entities. Our distinctive advantage lies in our ability to navigate intricate financial situations without conflicts of interest, providing innovative and strategic solutions.

With Arrowpoint Advisory, you gain corporate restructuring specialists who not only understand your situation but also bring a wealth of expertise and a collaborative spirit.

This unique combination makes us the preferred choice for businesses seeking clarity and effectiveness in these delicate situations.

Take a step towards stability and growth

Addressing the complexities of Corporate Restructuring or managing Special Situations M&A requires more than just expertise—it demands a partner attuned to your unique needs.

Reach out to our Special Situations M&A and Restructuring Advisory specialists on the details below, or send an email to contactus@arrowpointadvisory.com.

What our clients say

“We appreciate the expertise and guidance Arrowpoint Advisory brought to the transaction and thank them for helping us to successfully navigate the acquisition.”

Han Chong, CEO of SP Collection

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