Human Capital Newsletter, June 2020

Our latest Human Capital Newsletter focuses on the impact of Covid-19 on investor sentiment towards publicly listed participants in the Human Capital industry - many of them bell-weathers for the sector. And while the focus of our analysis is on the listed company community, the ramifications for privately-owned and private equity sponsor backed businesses that may have been contemplating a transaction in 2020 are clear to see.

It may be too soon to make credible predictions over when or how the Human Capital sector will recover and the shape of the industry post-Covid-19 but recover it will. However, the sector will play a key role in re-igniting the UK economy over the coming months, ensuring to the best of its ability that the right skills are in the right places at the required time.

In this edition of our Human Capital Newsletter, we:

  • Review the impact of Covid-19 on global publicly-listed Human Capital companies between January and April 2020;
  • Take a closer look at the impact of the crisis on M&A activity; and
  • Share insights on how professional services firms are responding to the challenging market conditions.

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