The Acquirer Autumn 2016

The Autumn issue of The Acquirer features:

  •  How Arrowpoint Advisory negotiated on behalf of the negotiation experts The Gap Partnership;
  • Retail Technology - How retail is evolving through technology;
  • trans-Atlantic PE lessons - US PE and credit investment firms on what they've learned from expanding into the UK;
  • The value of IP - Dr. Chris Donegan on the value of intellectual property;
  • Livingbridge's investment in The Up Group - a digital executive search and networking specialist;
  • How Blueair's environmental ethos attracted the attention of Unilever;
  • Nu Instruments, a complex scientific business, found the perfect partner in US-based manufacturer AMETEK
  • Accent Equity accelerates IT roll out with the acquisition of Inteno;
  • New horizons for luxury travel firm ITC, following their acquisition by NorthEdge Capital;
  • Pinturas Benicarl's shareholders achieved the exit they were looking for after the acquisition by Ferro Corporation; and
  • The effect the UK's decision to leave the EU has had on the mid-market debt landscape.

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