The UK is hoping to stay in the space race post-Brexit with its first spaceport

The Space Industry Bill has been given royal assent, allowing satellites to be launched from British soil and providing regulatory clarity for the UK's fast-growing space sector. It's a step forward for the industry, and a vital development towards the UK securing a greater share of the competitive global market.

With so much renewed interest in the UK's space capabilities, Graham Carberry, Managing Director at Arrowpoint Advisory, commented on this latest development in Verdict. The bill, he says, provides a sense of certainty which will likely encourage further investment.

Graham argues that commercial success for a UK spaceport is not guaranteed, given the competitive nature of the market and the disadvantageous location of the UK for fuel-efficient launches. Yet despite this, he argues that the UK still has a lot to offer in this field.

Read Graham's comments in full in Verdict here.

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